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Q: NO IT ISNT FUNNY OH MY GOD. DO YOU KNOW HOW TERRIFYING IT IS TO JUST SIT THERE WHILE A 23 YEAR OLD MAN FROM CALIFORNIA CALLS YOUR HOUSE WONDERING WHAT THE HELL? I'M GLAD HE DIDNT LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE BECAUSE THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AN INTERESTING CONVERSATION WITH MY PARENTS. "Why did a man from California leave a voice message on our house phone about who are you & why do you ship me and this 'Kayla' person?" idk about you but explaining "i called a band member" to your parents isnt the easiest..

You could have just said you have no idea… xD

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Q: dude so you remember how i called david and just shouted "i ship you and kayla" then hung up well apperantly on the second one *67 didnt work and he called me back today like 2 times and i just stood there in the corner looking at the phone from across the room, terrified. DO U SEE WHAT U DID. ok well i did it but yOU TOLD ME I SHOULD. jeeze the things i do for ships to sail. #kayvid2014


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