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I went to warped tour on Saturday, and the main reason I wanted to go this year, was to see Set It Off. I’ve never seen them live before, and all the other bands I wanted to see, I have seen before at least once. So no way in hell was I missing my chance to see them. Especially since they are one of my favorite bands. I didn’t find out I was even going to warped tour until two days before, when i was lucky enough to have Makhala let me come from Fresno to Sacramento the day before and let me sleep on an air mattress in her living room. We headed out to mountain view Saturday morning. We got lost, made wrong turns, and sat at an exit for about 45 minutes, and we finally get to where we can park. We were really late, and got there as the doors were just opening. And all I could think was. please for all that is good in life DON’T LET Set It Off play first! Oh but with my luck, I get a text from twitter of The band saying that they are playing at 11:15. So of course I’m freaking out, i just hopped out of the car and started sprinting the rest of the way to the venue just hoping that I wouldn’t miss their set. All I could think was how the line was going to be super long, id have to find their stage, and i was almost crying. I finally get to the venue and I see the line wrapping all the way around… and I just lost hope, I was going to miss my chance to see them perform… I get in line, and I’m shaking, almost about to cry and I’m just completely flipping my shit. But then.. the line started moving.. really fast… Even though the line was so ridiculously long, I don’t even think i was in the line for 5 minutes. So I started getting hope again! So the line moves and my freaking out hasn’t gotten any better. I started to hear some of the bands start, but then i started hearing something familiar. And it turns out that Set it off started performing. I freaked out and I actually think I screamed out loud.. Sorry people around me in line! I started jumping up and down to peak over the fence and I saw them. So then my hope went up more about how I didn’t have to find the stage! IT WAS RIGHT NEXT TO ME! So I get my bag checked, got my ticket scanned, and I ran all the way to the stage and ran into quite a few people, again, SORRY PEOPLE. So I then enjoyed the rest of their set. 

So on with the performance, holy balls. Are they amazing live! Cody crowed surfed on us, and even somehow got his balance and literally sang standing on us. IT WAS AMAZING. Cody also made a little speech before performing the song “Dream Catcher” and I started crying… I’ve heard bands make little speeches about how you shouldn’t give up on what you believe in, and don’t care about what people think. But somehow Cody made it seem 10 times different, more relatable maybe? The way he was speaking just made it seem so much more genuine then any way someones said that before. Him and the rest of the band inspired me to get a tattoo of a dream catcher, to make sure to not let go of what my dreams are, cause lately I’m kinda loosing hope in my dreams. But nope… I’m not giving up. 

After the performance, I try to find Makhala after ditching her in the car xD but then I see the band on the side of the stage talking to the fans, so i awkwardly walk towards them, but then i see Cody make a “follow me signal” and he walks away with this huge line of people following him, so I’m like… I’m joining this party! and stalked him over there… 

When I finally got my chance to talk to Cody, I told him all about what happened and how it was my first time seeing them and they were the reason I was mainly there. And he shared a similar story like mine, and he actually took the time to talk with me for a bit, and hugged me a bunch. I’ve always thought he would be one of the nicest people ever from watching his youtube videos, but boy “nice” doesn’t even describe it. He is really such a sweet genuine person. He really made my day. He is a huge inspiration to me, and I cant thank him enough for everything. 

I met the rest of the members of set it off later on, and holy crap this whole band made my teeth hurt cause they were so sweet! They are seriously one of the nicest band I have ever met, and I really hope they stay that way <3

Thank you Cody Austin Dan Zach and Maxx for the amazing show, and being just some of the most amazing people ever <3

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